A Real Standout!

Custom decorated glassware is a great way to increase the perceived value of a visit to your establishment — and to stand out from the competition. Decorated glass draws attention to your beverage selections every time it is in use, and if combined with a take home program — it is remarkably effective method to keep your name in front of your guests.

Screen Printing with Non-Leaded Enamels (NLE)

The most frequently used method of decorating. Screen printing designs can change an ordinary glass into an advertisement for your brand or turn a glass into something fun and unique. Printing must start at a minimum of 20mm (approx. 3/4″) from the rim of the glass and can print up to 5 colors. MOQ: 24 Dz.

Screen Printing with UV.

Most advanced décor technology on the market now with superior photo-realistic renderings. An extraordinary wide range of bright, vibrant colors with a glossy finish to select from. Color matching from the Pantone Solid Color Series palette also available. Up to 4 color screen printing UV available in small décor – 5k pcs or less. This technique avoids utilizing a lehr and its natural gas consumption making it more sustainable. MOQ: 24 Dz.

Brush Process

Brush paint process available on screen machines in a variety of brush sizes and colors. Brush paint can be applied stand alone or at the same time screen decorations are applied. Organic colors will retain tempering and Kwarx® technology. Gold and platinum colors are precious metals and will remove glassware tempering technology due to firing temperature. MOQ: 5k.