Our Technology & Materials

Our Technology & Materials

Maxima® Porcelain

2X More resistant than other products of the same thickness. Used in Chef & Sommelier®.

Bone China

Brilliant translucence developped with 51% bone ash; maximum strength in ceramic.


Pure mineralized dinnerware created from the high temperature fusion of raw mineral materials with alumina for superior strength. Up to 7X more resistant than other dinnerware materials and withstands up to 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles.

Extra Strong Porcelain

Material developed for professional use; superior mechanical resistance.


Made from our special Fully Tempered glass, Opal is 3X stronger than any ceramic material. It retains heat and is non-porous. Opal® benefits include Fully Tempered technology, bacteria free, heat retentive and allows for optimum stacking.

Fully Tempered Glass Dinnerware

Our Fully Tempered glass dinnerware lasts up to 5x more than ceramic.


The high-performance crystal glass. A new generation of lead-free crystal with 4 main properties: superior strength, complete transparency, long-lasting brilliance and perfect acoustics.


Kwarx® is an innovative and unmatched material which provides high mechanical resistance, extraordinary brilliance through 2,000 commercial dishwashing cycles and superior transparency.

Fully Tempered

Fully Tempered glasses are more resistant to mechanical and thermal shock than regular annealed glass; up to 5X more resistant to breakage.

Plastic S.A.N.

Made from fully recyclable, BPA-free S.A.N. Plastic. Tests have shown no deterioration in the material up to 2,000 cycles in an industrial dishwasher. In addition, pieces feature water vents on the bottom to allow for proper drainage.

Sheer Rim

Fine rims taking the customer experience to another level.

Effervescence Plus

Effervescence Plus develops an even, delicate bubbliness, delighting the eyes and taste buds alike.

18/10 Stainless Steel

18/10 Stainless steel is designed to withstand intensive use and industrial dishwasher conditions. It has a bright mirror finish and retains its color and luster longer than other grades of stainless steel. It is composed of 18% chrome and 10% nickel.

18/0 Stainless Steel

18/0 stainless steel is composed of 18% chrome and no nickel.

Fine China

From rustic to elegant and practical to sophisticated, Dudson dinnerware is recognized worldwide for its quality and longevity. All of our ceramic dinnerware ranges are now covered by the Dudson Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty for your peace of mind.

Finest Vitrified

We know that chefs do not create dishes within the constraints of a tableware range. Some dishes may be ideal served in a plain white bowl; while others may need color or an unusual shape to set them off.