The High-Performance Crystal Glass


Extra rim strength compared to other standard Crystal Glass products


Stronger stem strength compared to other standard Crystal Glass products


Transparency index out of 100


Keeps its original qualities even after 2,000 cycles in a professional dishwasher


Clear and high-pitched musical sound you expect from Crystal

Krysta® Introduced First In The New Sequence Collection

The Glassware Sequence of the Future. The perfect design progression, bringing a modern update to a classical shape with the essence of crafted crystal. Made with our newest high-performance lead-free crystal material, Krysta®.

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Meet Our Sommelier: Wendy Shoemaker

Sommelier/Wine Director
San Diego, CA
CMS Advanced Sommelier Level: 1 of 3 Women in San Diego
Masters in Mechanical Engineering and
Dual Undergraduate Degree in Chemistry & Biochemistry

“I love the chemistry and science involved in winemaking and the material engineering aspect of it all. I used to think wine tasting was just subjective coming from a very logical chemistry background, but learned through my sommelier studies that tasting in reality is a deductive process of understanding where a wine is from, how it is made and having the right glass to truly bring out the wines aromatics and taste.”